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medical training circle

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    … trains the lower back muscles. Primary the musculi multifidi and rotatores. Deflecting the movement by an intervention of the hip extensors will be excluded as far as possible.

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    …trains the oblique inner and outer (musculus obliquus internus et externus) as well as the straight abdominal muscles (musculus rectus abdominis). A compensatory intervention of the hip flexor is almost impossible.

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    …targets once again and reinforced the deep stabilizing, short spine muscles. The deep abdominal muscle (musculus transversus abdominis) will be used parallel. A supportive intervention of the abductors is alsmost axcluded.

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back mobilization and stabilization

 for therapeutical treatments and to prevent back pain

spinalTOOLS are modern, innovative training devices to mobilize and stabilize the thoracic and lumbar spine They are characterized by a save, uncomplicated and intuitive handling.
The patients and users train independently with nearly no risk of injury. The supervision expenditure for therapists and trainers therefore will be minimal.

You will train the deep muscles around the lumbar spine directly and effectively, without any compensatory contribution of other muscle groups. The purpose of the spinalTOOLS devices is firstly the therapeutic treatment of patients with general complaints/pains in the area of the thoracic or lumbar spine, slipped disks in the area of the lumbar spine as well as osteoporosis or slipped vertebra. On the other hand the spinalTOOLS will help to prevent back pains and support competitive athletes or recreational sportsmen in stabilizing their torso.

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