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NEW!! - "lumbartool"

... combines the spinalTOOLS "sidetool" and "backtool" in one device. lt was specifically designed for practices and gyms that have limited floor space but still want to provide effective back training to their patients and members.

The training angle of the lumbartool can be infinitely adjusted in the range of approx. 8° to approx. 40°. As with all other spinalTOOLS, also the "Iumbartool" has the possbility to put an extra weight plates. Also available: "backtool" and "sidetool" with adjustable training angle in the design of the "Iumbartool". (without picture)

Technical specifications

lumbartool data:
weight:approx. 118 kg
total dimensions:
legth =1,20 m
width =0,80 m
height =1,37 m